A simple, fast and free image placeholder service.



How does it work exactly?


The size can be specified using the format width x height:

Specifying the height is optional, useful for creating a square:

The maximum image size is 4000 x 4000.


The image format can be specified:

The default format is SVG.

Image formats can also be combined with colours:

Supported formats are SVG, PNG, JPG, JPEG and WebP.


The background and text colours are represented using hex values:

Alternatively, CSS names can be used:

Both background and text colours must be specified together.


The text can be customised using a query string.

Spaces are represented using +:

New lines are represented using \n:

The default text is the dimensions of the image.


The font can be customised using a query string:

The following fonts can be used:

The default font is Lato.

Fonts can, of course, be combined with text:


Need a retina image? Simply append @2x or @3x to the size:

Only PNG, JPG, JPEG and WebP formats support retina images.

Any questions?